(30 minutes) A relaxing  massage with Swedish techniques are used with long, connecting body strokes to nurture the full-body. A definite stress releasing Experience you’ll want to repeat.
Massage – $45.00

Foot Massage

(20 minutes) Enjoy a relaxing foot massage with warm Coconut Oil and steamy towels. Foot massage Improves blood circulation, Helps with relaxation, Promotes Better Sleep, Improves mood and fights depression, Helps to Alleviate Swelling.
Foot Massage – $30.00

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Back Treatment

(30 minutes) First we start with a thorough cleansing, exfoliation with warm steam, extractions of impurities followed by a skin perfecting Mask and soothing massage of the shoulder, back and neck!
Back Treatment – $50.00

Waxing Services

Arms and Legs 45 min
Underarm: $25-$35
Legs: Half $30, Full $70
Arm: Half $25, Full $45
Face 30 min
Lips & Brows: $15- $25
Chin: $10-$20
Full Face: $35-$40

Gift Certificates are available!

Koko’s of Sonoma offers a full line of treatments, including Facials: European Facial, Acne Facial, Microcurrent Facial Toning; Microdermabrasion; RevitaLight LED Light Therapy; and Koko’s Signature Treatment; Massage: Swedish Massage, Foot Massage, and Back Treatment; and Waxing: Brows, Lips, Chin, Full Face, Underarm, Legs and Arms